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Abandoned Jacksonville: Ruins of the First Coast

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Following the demolition of the LaVilla neighborhood in the height of the cocaine epidemic, Abandoned Jacksonville takes readers from the fall of the city to the resurgence currently overtaking the downtown area and the renovations of many gorgeous structures. Written by local historian and photographer, David Bulit, Abandoned Jacksonville will take you through the seedier and forgotten parts of the First Coast. 

This book features many locations in the city, including the 310 West Church Street Apartments, a once high-class establishment with a dark past related to the cocaine epidemic; the Moulton & Kyle Funeral Home, the longest running family business in the city, which is now frequented by homeless vagrants and drug dealers; Annie Lytle Elementary School, closed for over fifty years due to the highway construction (urban legends now surround it giving it the nickname the "Devil's School"); the Dr. Horace Drew Manor, once a beautiful and prestigious home which fell into disrepair in the 70s (now referred to by locals as the "Haunted House""); and many more.

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