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Southern Comfort: Abandoned Homes of the American South

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Down dirt roads and off the beaten path, many homes stand forgotten, neglected and left to ruin. A concentration camp from World War II, used to house Jews and other innocents. A Queen-Anne house built by an inventor, plantation owner, philanthropist who gifts to the community are still remembered to this day. The country home of a civil rights activist, thought by many as a scam artist and instigator, and a hero and role model to others. A Victorian home once owned by the man who revolutionized the sciences in agriculture and developed the fertilizers we use today. A fishing lodge and hotel owned by a daredevil, famous for blowing himself up with dynamite and surviving. A pet cemetery where the killings of three individuals took place. Every home here has its own unique history and stories, all only shadows of their former selves. 

Sixteen homes and residences throughout the South, with full color photos to show the ruinous interiors of these places.

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